The following terms of use have been prepared by the website owner and define the relationship between visitors and users of the (“website place ”) with the website. Please read our terms of use. If you do not agree, please do not use the website but as you post any comments in order to be taken into account, always within the limits of what is possible, good faith and relevant business ethics.

The website reserves the right to change the terms of use and protection of personal data at any time and without notice. For this reason, please read the terms of use and privacy whenever you visit the website. If you use the website, you unconditionally accept the terms and conditions of use.

Terms of use

The content of the site may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished in any form without the prior written permission of the website owner.

Printing and electronic storage of site content for personal and private use is permitted, but in no case for commercial use.


The website provides to the visitors / users of the site a number of services which mainly consist in the provision of information, advertisements of all kinds / type, the possibility of using communication tools, search services, mass access of users, etc. All existing services as well as any new services included in the website are subject to these terms of use, unless expressly provided otherwise. The visitor / user of the services of the website fully and unquestionably accepts that all the information / services of the website are provided "as is" and the website bears no responsibility regarding the limited time, deletion, poor performance, inability to electronically store user data as well as any damage that may be caused by the use of the website. which(h)wiCH Μεταφράσεις του which ΑντωνυμίαΣυχνότητα ο οποίος which ποιός who, what, which Όρισμοί which Αντωνυμία 1 asking for information specifying one or more people or things from a definite set. which are the best varieties of grapes for long keeping? 2 used referring to something previously mentioned when introducing a clause giving further information. a conference in Vienna which ended on Friday Παραδείγματα which which are the best varieties of grapes for long keeping? 29 ακόμη παραδείγματα

The use of the website is governed by the provisions of Greek, European-Community and International Law, which are binding on each user / visitor, who is obliged to comply with them. In addition, the user / visitor is obliged to use the content and services of the website in accordance with the relevant legislation, good manners and these terms, abstaining from any action that may offend the ethos and personality of other visitors / users or create problems in the smooth operation of the website. userˈyo͞ozər Μεταφράσεις του user ΕπίθετοΣυχνότητα μεταχειριζόμενος treater, user Όρισμοί user Ουσιαστικό 1 a person who uses or operates something, especially a computer or other machine. 2 the continued use or enjoyment of a right. Παραδείγματα user a heroin user he was a gifted user of other people


The User / visitor who wishes to register in the services of the website must:

  • to state his / her true, complete and valid personal information, as requested on the website in the relevant requests for access to its contents / services,
  • to diligently inform the website immediately of any changes to the above information as well as to ensure that this information remains consistently accurate, complete and true.


The Company reserves the exclusive right, and the user / visitor accepts it, to permanently or temporarily suspend the operation of the site with or without notice to users / members.


The Company makes every effort, within the framework of technological control, in order for the services, contents and options of the site to be provided seamlessly and without interruption. However, it is not responsible in case for any reason, including the case of negligence, the operation of the site is interrupted or it becomes difficult and / or impossible to access it and / if, despite the observed security measures, "viruses" or other harmful software are detected and transmitted to the terminals of users / visitors, or if unauthorized third parties (hackers) interfere with the content and operation of the site making it difficult to use or causing problems in its proper operation. providedprəˈvīdəd Όρισμοί provided Σύνδεσμος 1 on the condition or understanding that. cutting corners was acceptable, provided that you could get away with it Συνώνυμα: ifon condition thatproviding (that)provided thatpresuming (that)assuming (that)on the assumption thatas long asgiven (that)with the provision/proviso thatwith/on the understanding thatif and only ifcontingent onin the event thatallowing that Παραδείγματα provided cutting corners was acceptable, provided that you could get away with it Συνώνυμα provided Σύνδεσμος ifon condition thatproviding (that)provided thatpresuming (that)assuming (that)on the assumption thatas long asgiven (that)with the provision/proviso thatwith/on the understanding thatif and only ifcontingent onin the event thatallowing that Δείτε επίσης provide


The content and information contained on the site do not come in any way from the Company, on the contrary are published and posted on the site at the initiative and sole responsibility of each user / advertiser and can in no way be construed as valid information and / or advice. nor do they conceal the prompting of the Company for the performance of specific operations (eg delivery of courses, home visit, etc.). The Company undertakes exclusively the collection, grammatical-editorial editing and posting of the content of the site, but does not guarantee in any case for the correctness, completeness or availability of the contents, pages, services, options of this (site). After that, the respective user / visitor uses the provided services / information of the site exclusively and only on his own initiative, assuming at the same time the relevant responsibility of crossing this information.


The Company has no responsibility regarding the content of the ads (of any category and form) posted on the site as well as the communication of the user / member with third parties that are advertised on the site. Furthermore, the Company is not responsible for any issue arising from the conclusion of any kind of commercial transaction between the user / member and the third party advertiser.


The copyright of the content and services of the site, ie indicatively and not restrictively including, texts, ads, photos, plans, commercial and financial elements, programs, all kinds of files, brands / logos, format (lay-out) of the site , are protected by Greek, EU and international copyright laws and belong exclusively to the Company, and are available to its users / visitors strictly for personal use. The Company always within the framework of good faith and the relevant transactional ethics makes every effort to ensure that the content and information displayed each time on the site is as accurate and true as possible, but bears no responsibility for their reliability or completeness.

It is further prohibited any copying, distribution, transfer, processing, resale, creation of a production product or misleading the public about their actual provider of the site content. Reproduction, uploading, announcement, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the site content in any way or means for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with the prior written permission of the Company or any other copyright holder. Otherwise, the above actions may constitute an infringement of the intellectual / industrial property rights of the Company, which reserves the right to claim any positive and negative damage caused to it in accordance with the provisions of applicable law.

The user / visitor / member accepts and acknowledges that the Company has the ability to commercialize (either by itself or by third parties) all the data displayed on the site.

Use of photos in ads: The user / advertiser responsibly declares that the photos posted on the Website are his intellectual property and in no way infringe and / or are free from any third party rights. The Company has no responsibility regarding the content of the above photos as well as for any issue that arises with these photos.

Furthermore, the user / advertiser undertakes the obligation to cover any damage (including any costs, court or other) that the Company may suffer from claims of any third party, which are connected in any way with the registration and display of the above photos.


The user / member fully and unreservedly accepts the exclusive right of the Company to stop using his / her passwords to the services of the site and to stop the provision of the content and information of the site whenever he (the Company) considers that the users they have violated these terms.

Specifically, the user fully and unequivocally accepts that the Company reserves the right whenever it deems, in its sole discretion, that the content of an ad / advertisement is in any way, misleading and / or illegal and / or false and / or offensive. as well as that the content in question is generally contrary to these terms of use to stop its publication and posting on the site. At the same time, the Company reserves the right not to allow the user / advertiser of this ad to post / publish other ads on the site in the future (of any category and with any content).


The site contains references to websites, for the content and services of which the Company is not responsible, nor does it guarantee their permanent and secure accessibility. Therefore, for any problem that occurs during the visit / use of these websites, the user / visitor must go directly to the respective websites, which have the sole responsibility for repairing this problem. The Company in no case should be considered to accept or adopt the content or services of the sites and pages to which it refers or that it is associated with them in any way. For any problem that arises during the visit of the above websites is the sole responsibility of the respective beneficiary of this site.


The Company covers all personal data and data as well as the conditions of collection, processing and management of personal data of visitors / users / members of the site. In no case is this the relationship between the visitors / users / members of the site and any services that are not subject to the control / ownership of the company. The Company collects personal data on the site:

  • When the visiting user subscribes to his services
  • When he uses his services
  • When using the pages of the site and entering the advertising (or any related texture) programs Each user is obliged to declare its true and complete details as well as to inform the site of any change by providing the required information required to complete this information. , true and up to date.

The user accepts and consents as the Company, under the terms of the provisions of Law 2472/1997, as amended by Law 3471/2016 and is currently in force, will keep in a file and will process any personal data, which will come to the knowledge of this (Company) from the user's visit to the site in order to:

  • the fulfillment of the terms and obligations of the individual services, provided by the site to its users,
  • the general information of the user,
  • the satisfaction of the respective requirements of the user regarding the services available from and through the site,
  • informing the user about new offers, services, etc. (indicatively new offers, ads, etc. are mentioned),
  • the smooth operation of the site,
  • any action related to the above.


For the publication of ads and / or distinguished ads that take place on the Website, the Company accepts payments by deposit in a bank account number. Service provider will be sent to you via email upon completion of the purchase process.


The Company through the website has the ability to use Cookies as part of the facility and operation of the services of the website. Cookies are small files (textfiles), which are sent and stored on the computer of the user / subscriber, allowing websites such as, to operate smoothly and without technical anomalies, to allow the collection of multiple options of the user / subscriber, and identify users / subscribers and facilitate their access to the website, and also collect data to improve the content of the website. Cookies do not cause harm to users' computers or to the files stored on them. The Company uses Cookies to provide users / subscribers with information and to process the services provided through the website.

  • Third party vendors, including Google, may display the Company's ads on Internet sites.
  • Third party vendors, including Google, may use cookies to display ads based on the user's previous visit to the Company's website.
  • Users can opt out of such use of cookies by Google.

It is pointed out that Cookies are absolutely necessary in order for the website to function properly and smoothly.


If it is not possible to settle it by consensus, the Courts of Athens have jurisdiction. For any dispute regarding the interpretation and application of these terms and conditions as well as for any other issue regarding the use of the site, Greek Law is applicable.

To receive any information regarding these terms you can email

The material of the website in no way constitutes advice or prompting for any action and the user of the website should not make decisions based on the content of the website. The website is not responsible for any damage or loss suffered by a user due to information found on the website. The content of the website may be provided by third parties (users), and its validity cannot be verified.

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